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DCSix Technologies - Our Vision

To raise awareness of energy efficiencies and decarbonisation measures through energy monitoring solutions.

Our Wattrics energy monitoring platform will reduce our client's energy bills, while educating and empowering all to pursue more sustainable energy usage.

Since 2018 we have been installing Wattrics in our client’s premises to give them visibility and understanding of their energy usage. The data harvested from Wattrics allows our clients to make better decisions in real time around their energy use, enabling them to make instant savings. 

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Image by Samantha Gades

Office Energy Savings

Wattrics unit monitoring energy consumption across 10 electrical single and one 3 phase circuit.

Case Study

Wattrics - Energy Monitoring Platform


State of the art energy monitoring hardware that's accurate, reliable and low-cost.


Data visualized on our bespoke dashboards by part, product, and equipment.


Identifying energy inefficiencies so they can be addressed. 


Once you make savings, they go straight to the bottom line and they stay there, year after year...

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