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What We Do

At DCSix we monitor energy consumption. This, allows you to understand the cost and the carbon implications of what you do, and the options you have to create a greener, efficient and financially secure future.


Our team comprises of innovators who have over 100 years of industry experience across energy, construction, transport, climate change, utilities, IT and Communications sectors. These diverse backgrounds allow us to identify specific opportunities to increase efficiencies and decarbonise sectors in the most effective ways.

For DCSix to support our clients behavioural change in energy usage we take a whole system approach to the problem. The process we developed is shown below.

The first step in proactively managing energy use is monitoring. Effective monitoring gives crucial information about how processes are performing so that substantial, almost-immediate improvements can be implemented. We achieve this using Wattrics, our testing platform which yields results within the 99th percentile of accuracy. 

The next step is visualization. Having streams of highly accurate and granular data is great, but humans are not able to digest this information easily. We display your data graphically and dynamically. This allows our users to understand the data. Once you understand the data, you are empowered to make well informed decisions.

The actions that need to be taken to manage energy consumption will be specific to each use case. The majority of our clients are unable to list the top three energy consumers on their premises until a Wattrics unit has been installed. Once you appreciate where energy is being consumed you can implement change and realise savings.

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