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Energy Use Tip #3

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

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Space Heating with Electrical Radiators

A reduction of 1oC on your thermostat can reduce annual space heating costs by 10% or more.

The advantage of using electric heaters is that many of them come with automatic timer switches or programmers which allow you to schedule the heating cycle and temperature and to turn the system on and off as required.  Programming this to your specific needs will save energy. As a guide, living rooms are normally kept at 20oC, and 16-18oC for your hall or landing.

By using electric radiators, you don’t have any primary circuit losses, and also zero carbon emissions. Also you run no risk of carbon monoixide poisoning.

As there are no losses with electric radiators, all of them have 100% efficiency. 

At this time the delivered energy cost in cent/kWh varies. *

19.58 c/kWh for electric panel radiators on dayrate (based on 5,000-15,000 kWh usage per year)

8.94 c/kWh for electric panel radiators on nightrate

10.2 c/kWh for an oil boiler (90% seasonal efficiency)

13.51 c/kWh for a Bulk LPG boiler (90% seasonal efficiency)

7.02 c/kWh for natural gas boiler (based on 5,556-55,556 kWh usage per year)

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