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About Wattrics

Wattrics is a solution that has been designed to monitor electricity in a way that is inexpensive, but more importantly reliable and accurate. All testing yields results that are within the 99th percentile of accuracy. 

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In addition to managing and reducing energy bills, our services promote and enable the efficient use of renewables and increase vision and utilisation of renewable energy thus decarbonising in a measurable way.
Wattrics: Our Solution
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The Hardware

The core of our solution involves a device called Wattrics which connects up to 14 Current Transformers (CTs). These CTs are un-intrusively clipped around cables coming from the trip switches and RCBs on your electrical distribution board, so no need for power to be switched out during installation. The transformed current is safely transferred to the Wattrics device. Our Voltage Transformer (VT) takes a reference voltage from a spare socket within your home or business. With these measurements we are able to calculate power in both real and reactive terms. For monitoring the performance of space heating, we suggest the deployment of our temperature and humidity sensors. With each installation we supply a small VPN router which can be plugged into our own network, allowing Wattrics to connect to the internet


Data Visualization and Storage

Electrical usage data is securely forwarded to our cloud and stored in a designated database which only contains your individual data. This is accessible via a web interface (compatible with mobile browsers). From there we will perform cost breakdown on a per CT basis and provide extensive insights to your energy usage. This information is also transformed into real-time carbon emissions data based on the carbon intensity of energy on the national grid by leveraging several technologies.

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Future Enhancements

As the world is an ever evolving place, we are constantly looking at ways to allow our customer gain more meaningful insights from their data and ultimately have more efficient environments. This applies to the home, on the farm, office and all industry verticals. As we learn where improvements can be made, we'll be sure to let you know too. More in depth support regarding improvements can be provided, please get in touch and we'll be glad to help.

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